The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments

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Chapter 1. Galileo

Galileo's notebook

Chapter 2. Harvey

On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals

Chapter 3. Newton

The Newton Project

The Chymistry of Isaac Newton

Newton's Dark Secrets

Chapter 4. Lavoisier

Les Oeuvres de Lavoisier

Panopticon Lavoisier

A comparison of the two versions of "On the Nature of the Principle which Combines with Metals During Calcinations and Increases Their Weight"

"Experiments on the Respiration of Animals and on the Changes Which Happen to Air in its Passage Through Their Lungs" in English and French

Chapter 5. Faraday

Experimental Researches in Electricity

Trinity House website

Chapter 8. Michelson

Experimental Determination of the Velocity of Light

Chapter 9. Pavlov

The names of some of Pavlov's dogs

Pavlov's flies