Strange Beauty


Some early printings of the hardcover edition contain the following errors, which have since been corrected:

The caption on photo #11 in the center section should read:

"From left: Weisskopf (in background), Elisabeth Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, and Werner Heisenberg, in 1937. (The man on the far left is unidentified.)"

p. 72. Lake Pitscuaro should be Lake Patzcuaro.

p. 103. The name "never-never land" is, of course, from Peter Pan, not Alice in Wonderland.

p. 121, first full paragraph. In explaining that neutrons and antineutrons are not necessarily identical in their behavior, I erred in saying that this is because they have different spins.

p. 121, end of page. There should be a minus sign in front of the value of 2 for the strangeness of the "doubly strange" xi particle.

p. 123, 2d paragraph, last sentence, should read, "Moving charges give rise to magnetic fields" (instead of "to currents").

on pp. 166 and 237 I mistakenly lumped mesons with the fermions.

pp. 193-4. I misattributed the accomplishments of William B. Fowler on associated production to William A. Fowler, who was best known for his work on nucleosynthesis.

p. 223. Erica Jen is incorrectly identified in the first printing as George Zweig's wife in 1962. She is actually his second wife.

p. 258. Paul Macready should be Paul MacCready.

p. 293. 2d line from top of page: "pion" should be "muon."