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Corrections, clarifications, and updates

page 22

It is often said that between half and two-thirds of cancer cases are preventable—by eliminating smoking and by getting more exercise and eating healthier meals.

page 27

The result of all this is that a modern teenager may have already experienced more menstrual cycles than her great-grandmother did during her entire life.

page 33

My memory failed me: It was cervical cancer, not ovarian, that took the life of my former girlfriend.

page 78

Stuttering mycs help give rise to a childhood nervous system cancer called neuroblastoma.

page 84

Mutations in a gene called hedgehog can cause fruit fly larvae to be covered with an abnormal profusion of bristles.

page 133

"Cell Death 2009: The Unplugged Tour": I recently learned that the t-shirt refers to a couple of music videos made by the Roche pharmaceutical company to promote lab equipment. The back of the t-shirt mentions (apparently fictional) electric and an unplugged tours. See the reference on this page: I found pictures of the shirt on an ebay listing.

page 160

"About thirty workers were killed almost immediately by the estimated 100 million curies unleashed by the calamity at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986."